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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pangkor Laut Resort

Pangkor Laut Resort is a Five Star Resort and Hotels. Its a resort on its own island. Me and my family had an enjoyable time at Pangkor Laut Resort. We stayed there for 3 days 2 nights.

We were actually lost and could not find the location of Pangkor Laut Resort ferry. We mistakenly waited at the Pangkor Island Beach Resort ferry booth. The Pangkor Laut Resort ferry is located at Lumut Jetty, but the ferry booth or reception is located opposite the Lumut Jetty, somewhere near the food stalls. Here, you can just leave your begs and thinngs without worrying about it. It will safely guarded for you while you enjoy your moments at Lumut Jetty.

Please remember that Pangkor Laut Resort is not the same as Pangkor Island Beach Resort. Dont make the same mistake as i do. :)

It tooks us 35min to reach Pangkot Laut Resort from Lumut Jetty boarding the speed boat provided. It was a wonderfull experiance!

Pangkor Laut Resort

The moment we arrived Pangkor Laut Resort, we felt like we are outside of Malaysia. Its like a different country. The island amazed me!

The rooms that we stayed in …

Pangkor Laut Resort
Pangkor Laut Resort
Pangkor Laut Resort
Pangkor Laut Resort
Pangkor Laut Resort
Pangkor Laut Resort

Notice the above picture is your bath-tub, its actually outside of your room. You can enjoy your bath under the sun / under the shining stars. This is the place my son starts his swimming lesson.

Pangkor Laut Resort
Here are some picture of Pangkor Laut Resort …
Pangkor Laut Resort
Pangkor Laut Resort
Pangkor Laut Resort
Pangkor Laut Resort
Pangkor Laut Resort
Pangkor Laut Resort
We stayed at the Garden Villas, we was informs that there was no electricity provided for those who stayed at Sea Villas. Well i’m sure those who stayed at Sea Villas will have quality time with their partner. :)
Pangkor Laut Resort
Above is the library at Pangkor Laut Resort. Here they provide free internet access & books for you to read.
If you would like to swim at the beach, make sure you go to Pangkor Laut Resort Emerald Bay. They claim to have the best beach in Malaysia. Enjoy!
Pangkor Laut Resort
Pangkor Laut Resort
Pangkor Laut Resort
Pangkor Laut Resort
It was raining and windy when we check-out from the resort.
Pangkor Laut Resort
Ferry arrivals and depatures:
From Lumut to Pangkot Laut Resort
8.00am, 11.00am, 1.00pm, 2.00pm, 5.00pm
From Pangkor Laut Resort to Lumut
9.00am, 12.00pm, 12.30pm, 3.00pm, and 6.00pm
You need to call Guest Services to confirm your ferry seats.
1. Jungle Walk starts at 10.30am every day. You’ll be guided by the Jungle Expert. Just make yourself available at the Library with proper footwear, repellent and some drinking water. This activity will take half of your day!
2. Sea Sports Center offers all sorts of water sports activities like kayaking, water skiing, wake boarding and sailing. They can also arrange fishing activity at a great surrounding waters.
3. If you are into Asian Cooking, you’ll enjoy The Chef’s Kitchen Experience. Learn the art if South East Asian cooking under the supervision & guidance of skilled chefs.
4. Squash courts & racquest are available if you have the proper shoe to go with it. Only white-soled shoes are permitted.
5. Tennis is also available
6. SPA Treatments at the Spa Village are available daily. They combined physical and spiritual health and well-being.
  • Rejuvenation and longevity
  • Relaxation and Stress Reduction
  • Detoxification
  • Romance
The Spa Treatements offer Chinese, Ayurvedic & Malay specialits
7. Golf can be arrange, but it will be at Lumut. Pangkor Laut Resort does not have a Golf Courses.
8. Sunset Cruise, enjoy your drinks & refreshing beverage cruising the sea an admiring the island, bathed in golden ues of setting sun. The Sunset Cruise departs from the jetty at 6.30pm and returns at 7.30pm
Makan-Makan / Place to eat :
Although Pangkor Laut Resort is a small island, but it offers variety of foods & restaurants. Among them are
1. Uncle Lim’s Kitchen – Traditional Nyoya, Chinese & Malay dishes. Serve dinner from 7.00pm ~ 11.00pm
2. Fisherman’s Cove – Western grill, fresh seafood and Italian cusine. Serve dinner from 7.00pm ~ 11.00pm
3. Jamu Bar – Japanase favourites. Serve lunch from 11.30am to 4.00pm. Serve private dinner from 7.30pm to 11.00pm
4. Royal Bay Beach Club – Lunch at the swimming pool from 12.00pm ~ 5.00pm
5. Chapman’s Bar at Emerald Bay – salads, noodle, burgers, sandwiches & local specialties for lunch from 12.00pm ~ 5.00pm

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Denaihati said...

askm. pernah sampai dan terbaiklah semua kemudahan yg disediakan pangkor laut, juga cukup privacy.

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