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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Top Restaurants in La Jolla

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By Sachin Kumar Airan

La Jolla in California is widely regarded as one of the best tourist hot spots in America due to the fact that the location offers sunshine almost year round, plenty of activities, fine dining, art institutions, high end shopping, and plenty of natural activities in the crystal blue seas such as kayak La Jolla. In fact, its La Jolla Kayak tours are one of the most popular tourist activities given the fact that there is little more thrilling than investigating old caves and coves via a small kayak with a tour guide that can point out the natural and historical importance of each stop.

Of course, after a long day of kayak La Jolla activities it is quite likely that you are going to build up an appetite, which is why it is great news that some of the best restaurants in the US are located within the small community. After all, once a day of seeing some of the most beautiful caves in America via kayak La Jolla you should get to treat yourself to some of the best cuisine in America, and finding plenty of options while in La Jolla will not be a problem.

Those who want a true formal dining experience and some of the best seafood in the city to reflect the sea nature of kayak La Jolla, will find that the Marine Room is the perfect answer. The La Valencia sky room is also another excellent choice for those who are looking for exquisitely prepared seafood and steak. For pure top of the line filet mignon, Fleming's Steakhouse is a great stop known for their wonderful strips of steak that are bursting with perfection and grilled to each patron's personal taste. Given it's a holiday why not splurge and have some fun!

If you take advantage of the chance to go diving La Jolla as well you might want to try something new making sushi a wonderful choice and in La Jolla there are a wide array of top end sushi places to try out. Some of the most popular places include the more elegant Caf Japengo and then Tabu Sushi or Fugu's sushi for those who are watching their budget a bit more closely. All three of the restaurants make a great choice after completing one of the La Jolla Kayak tours.

Finally, for those that want food that is a bit more affordable and closer to the American traditional after a long day working out with kayak La Jolla there are also plenty of Italian and Mexican options throughout the city as well. One hidden gem that the locals often consider the best pizza and pasta joint in Southern California is the Bistro Pazzo. Near the Village there is also the Goldfish Point Caf that is an excellent stop after diving La Jolla due to the fact that it sits on top of the Cove and looks out over it making it a short walk from any tour group.

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