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Monday, February 20, 2012

Find The Best Waves And Beaches For Surfing In Morocco

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By Lynda Ratliff

For knowledgeable folks who take to the waves from September through April, nothing beats surfing in Morocco. Located south of Spain, the beaches of this North African country remain a well kept secret. Adventure surf fans flock here for the waves. Only recently have the winter groundswells become well known to others.

Waves far in excess of a dozen feet often crash these shores. Daytime beaches are sunny and warm. During the day, ocean waters maintain a reading of about sixty degrees. To the north, wind patterns make it difficult to depend on pleasant winter time stays on Spanish beaches. Down here, the same patterns produce almost uniformly good days for hitting the beaches.

Inlets curving toward the land capture heavy breezes heading out to the water. This circling pattern sends surf back to the shore as enormous tunnels of water. Less adventurous visitors discover many shorelines with smaller wave activity.

Getting to the area for surfing in Morocco does not require numerous special documents. Carry a passport that does not expire for at least twelve weeks. Those staying for ninety days or less do not need a visa. The language of the country is Arabic. Many people speak French, too and English is common in tourist communities.

Summer weight clothing works for the daytime. You will need long pants and sweaters for going out at night. Temperatures here drop suddenly. If you have a cell phone plan from Europe, your mobile device should work. Do not expect extensive access to the web. Change your money into Moroccan denominations or take along credit cards.

Surfing in Morocco offers the chance for adventurous surfers to ride enormous waves on secluded beaches. During the fall and spring, airfares and lodging are relatively cheap. So, grab your passport and head to North Africa before everyone else discovers its treasures. surfing in morocco

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