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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ardennes - A Beautiful Heaven For Spending Your Vacation

By Andy Cruz

If you are looking forward for an adventurous and thrilling vacation with your friends or family, then you must surely consider visiting Ardennes, the land of eye catching attractions. It is a destined spot for the people who wish to spend some quality time with their loved ones in a natural and pure ambiance. This paradise is surrounded by rolling mountains and all-embracing forest area, with a good amount of natural flora and fauna. The Ardennes Mountains are the governing ranges in this region and stretch up to the France. It is a gorgeous region in Belgium and is a perfect place to experience some of the finest aspects of Belgium. Various trekking, camping as well as hiking trips are also organized in this zone and you can experience the real adventure by becoming a part of these trips.

How To Reach Ardennes
You can reach this place more conveniently by a car ride. If you want you can rent for personal car which can also be used for exploring this region. This country area will provide you plenty of time which you can utilize for nature, excursions and silent walks. If you are a nature lover then you can also camp out in the forest region which would bring you closer to nature.

Things To Do

* Liege is one of the most amazing places for staying in this region. This region is characterized by a good network of road and railways, and various restaurants and eating zones, where you can get pleasure from various delicious dishes of Belgium. Belgium is mainly famous for its chocolate and you can get plenty of mouth watering chocolates in Ardennes.

* Here you have plenty of attractions that would keep you interested all through the trip. The Citadels and the cave complexes would provide you various thrilling activities and facilities. Some of the places that you would find here are the valley of L'Eau d'Heure, The The Grottes de Han and Archeoscope Godefroid de Bouillon which is a hi-tech museum.

* Enormous forest area provides numerous hunting opportunities to the audacious people. The mountainous region is also a perfect place for the people who wish to do cycling as well as trekking activities. More fun loving activities are available for enjoy the winter season completely. You can plan an excursion to the snowy hills for in order to experience skiing as well as snowboarding activities.

So, if you are looking forward to plan a wonderful and adventure filled vacation with your loved ones, then planning your trip to the Ardennes is a perfect option for you.

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