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Friday, February 17, 2012

African Holidays to Egypt And Kenya: East Africa Holiday Destinations

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By John Roney

There are many great places in the world which have the magical 'IT' factor to make them a fantastic holiday destination. One of these places is East Africa, where countries like Kenya and Tanzania make the perfect holiday locations!

If it's your first time on a safari, it's better to travel to a game reserve like the one at Mount Kenya. This was deemed a World Heritage Site in 1997 and covers an area of 715 square kilometres. Here trained guides with marksmen will take you around in a 4X4 Land Cruiser for you to see the elephants, buffalo, lion and several species of antelope including the rare Bongo, that roam here. Giraffes will be seen grazing the acacia trees and you might see packs of hyenas - but keep your distance, as they have the most powerful bite of any animal in the world! Leopards are around but are more active at night when they hunt as they have excellent night vision.

Your guide will probably point out the occasional hippo that can be quite aggressive and you're sure to glimpse crocodiles in the basins and swamps. One rarer animal is the rhinoceros which is being relocated to safer environments, although many wild rhinos still frequent water holes on the plains.

It is always easier to start choosing your holiday destination if you have a rough idea of the theme or setting you would like to experience. Africa is as diverse as the different countries and regions. And each region may offer something totally different from the other. Decide whether to seek the sandy beaches of a beautiful coast, the adventure of a wild African safari, historical or archaeological monuments, the twilight experience of the city, or the snowy peaks of Mt Kilimanjaro or Mt Kenya. This will save you time, if not money.

Tanzania also has its own great sights to be seen though, with one of the most famous being the Ngorongoro Crater. The crater is actually a large caldera left from the remains of a volcano, and has many different locations for tourists to explore. Firstly, on the ascend up the Crater you will have the opportunity to stop and check out the view of the Crater bottom below you and its surrounding walls which reach up an astonishing 2,000 feet. This scenic view really is a breath taking one, and there aren't many like it in the world. Secondly, when you descend to the Crater floor, there are animals galore! You will have the opportunity to spot the African Holidays to Egypt And Kenya consisting of Masai Lion, Black Rhino, Cape Buffalo, Leopard and Elephant. There is plenty of types of wildlife in the Ngorongoro Crater, and it is all conserved from dangers such as poacher in its own ecosystem.

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